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Friday, July 29, 2011

The busted toe

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A bit of a setback.

I mean seriously??? WTF? Was doing a few things trying to get out the door for a run to my daughter's soccer practice. I was scanning some documents and *BOOM* I kick one of my books sitting on the floor. It hurt, and I did my little sprint around the house trying to displace the pain, and it eventually subsides. I finish what I'm doing and go to get dressed for my run. Then I look down at my toe. It is already black and blue! Crap, I've seen this before as I broke another toe last summer. Well, this morning, the bruising has move all the way down the toe and is now the top of my foot also shows bruising. Well, I figured I'd see how a run felt and ran the 4 miles to the field. It pretty much hurt every step, but not unbearbly. The plan is for a 12 miler tomorrow morning at the beach and the 5k that I wanted to do has flown out the window. At least I didn't pay for the registration yet.

We'll see how the 12 miler goes and let's just hope that with some tape, it won't be too bad.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And So It Begins...

So I've decided to start a little blog giving you a picture into my pursuit of (relative) excellence. I used to be a pretty good athlete. Swimming, football, lacrosse, you name it, I played it and mostly played/did well. So now here I am, married to a wonderful woman (who is an outstanding runner), two kids, and trying to douse the competitive flames that still burn inside me.

I run and compete in triathlons. I'm a middle of the pack racer, but absolutely aspire to move towards the front. I definitely think it's possible, and hopefully I actually put the work in that is necessary to get there. It would be nice to be at least close to as fast as my wife is as well :) - she is a podium type racer (3:09 marathon currently).

So this blog will chronicle my workouts and races, talk about my aspirations, and maybe even inspire a person or two. While I'm writing this blog for me to help track my progress and hopefully learn from my mistakes, if you come across this, I hope you enjoy this.

Upcoming races:
7/30/11 North Beach 5k Dewey Beach, DE (tentative, but shooting for a PR)
9/11/11 Parks Half Marathon Rockville, MD (Goal of 1:35-ish)
10/9/11 Chicago Marathon (Goal of sub 3:15 - lofty, but I do believe I can get there)

More to come!