Wattie Ink. Elite Team Official Sponsors

Wattie Ink. Elite Team Official Sponsors
Wattie Ink. Elite Team Official Sponsors

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team reGen

Ok, I have been meaning to mention that I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by the recovery drink reGen through Active Ambassadors. I really was lucky to get this opportunity. The first time I tried reGen was after the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon where samples were being handed out as we left the finishing area. I definitely enjoyed it at the time but didn't think much more about it until I heard about the opportunity through AA. I've always been a big fan of supplementation since I used to be really into lifting weights. So having the opportunity to support a nutrition company is right up my alley.

For any of you endurance athletes out there, check out Active Ambassadors for sponsorship opportunities.

I have to say that I love reGen as do most everyone who I've handed samples out to. Tastes great and starts the recovery process as soon as you start drinking it. There haven't been too many workouts lately where I haven't had one immediately afterwards. My workouts have been going great and I'm really looking forward to some PRs this fall!

So check out both Active Ambassadors and reGen. If you've tried reGen, let me know what you think!

Almost a big week...

It's funny being a part of an "experienced" marathon running group (aptly named XMP). I'd venture to say out of the 200 +/- members in the group, I'm probably very close to the bottom in number of miles run per week. A combination of time, laziness, procrastination, and body can't handle that much contributes to my lack of miles. I'm averaging over 30 miles a week the last couple months, but I'm not hitting that magic number of 40 (unless we manipulate the first day of the week in which case I did hit it last week). But I go by my www.runningahead.com training log which runs Monday through Sunday. I hit 37 and change last week. Oh so close, but not quite there. I would have hit it, but my wife was at the beach this weekend so I wasn't able to squeeze in those last 3 miles on Sunday. Oh well, hopefully this week...only 34 miles to go...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things looking up...

Despite dealing with some injuries (broken toe, plantar fasciitis), my running is coming around. I have a big goal of 3:15 or better at the Chicago Marathon with my best time of 3:28 from the Boston Marathon this past April. That's a pretty big jump, but I do think it's possible. I've got two months to get into peak form so we'll see how that pans out.

Last night was our group "speed" workout. We did 8 miles with 4 miles of lactacte threshold (with 1/2 mile active recovery between the work miles). I moved myself up two pace groups to push myself a bit as I don't think the pace for my pace group is enough of a work effort for me. I'm definitely better at shorter distances anyway (even though I have few results) so moving up was the right move. We averaged about a 6:50 pace over the four miles which I'm very happy with. That definitely gave me some confidence moving forward that there is the potential to truly do something big at Chicago. I'm still a long way out and to date and I have yet to hit over 30 miles in a week (I should be well over that this week). The first big test will be the half marathon on Sept. 11 to gauge where I truly am.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well, I think I've decided to finally take a big and important step in finding a tri coach. I would like to get a true assessment of my swim/bike/run, but especially my bike. I am a good swimmer and know I could be much better simply by actually swimming (hey, I grew up swimming so I use it as an excuse to not go as much). My run is improving a lot because I am - go figure - running a lot more. My bike improved this year by about 5 minutes in my olympic distance tri and I was sub 3 hours in my first and only Half Ironman (which was my goal), but I also had some gear improvments that certainly could count towards those improvements. I would like to say it was all me, but Zipp wheels were probably a key component in cutting some time. I know I need to ride more and ride hills and ride more, but I feel like I should be MUCH better on the bike. It gets frustrating when so many people pass me while riding. I need to fix this. I'm hoping having someone looking over my shoulder will help me get over this hump and start me on the path to fast riding, but when I'm averaging sub 20 mph on an olympic or 70.3 tri, I just can't expect to be towards the front of the pack.

I've sent a couple emails out hoping to find a coach so we'll see what transpires. Anyone have a recommendation in the DC area??