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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Time to crank it up!

Wineglass Marathon is quickly approaching and as usual, my mileage is at the WAY low end (for 10K training - oops).  First 20 miler on Saturday.  18 went well last week so I'm hopeful I'm not too far out of form.  Hoping for a 40+ mile week next week.  TBD!

This is the first time EVER I believe where I've actually been biking AFTER all of my scheduled tris (a whole whopping one this year - weak).  My wife got herself a road bike and is already kicking my ass.  A nice entry-ish level Bianchi which is obviously enough to put me to shame, although I'm not sure that's saying much.  Hopefully sooner or later she'll dip her toes in the multi-sport arena...actually I know she will (maybe not a tri, but definitely a du).

Which brings me back to tri-talk.  Trying to decide what to do next year.  I'm really debating Ironman Florida 70.3 as it's not too far from my dad's house and plays to my relative strengths (flatish bike).  Big issue is that it's only a week out from Boston.  I think with the Boston bombings this year, people will be itching to get into the marathon so I'll most likely be shut out if I qualify at Wineglass seeing it's close to a month after registration opens (even with the rolling registration).  It filled a week after Wineglass last year (Chicago being the big factor).  I think a lot more people will want to get in this year, but who knows...  What I'd definitely consider is a back to back!  It might be crazy, but I'd be going to try and crush the 70.3 and then just have fun at Boston (if I qualify for Boston, it will be good for 2014 and 2015...) since I won't have to requalify.

I'm sure Chrissy will say it's stupid, but it's always easier to run post tri than run post marathon.

To be continued...