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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Burnoff Race Report

I decided to do our club race Saturday post Thanksgiving. They had a 5 mile and 10 mile race. Despite running with the club the past couple years, we've never done a "club" race. I have to say there definitely will be more of these in the future. They are very low key, and best of all, FREE for club members. We had to pay a $5 deposit for our chip but then we use the same chip/bib for all club races. I have to say that's a pretty damn good deal. My wife ran the Turkey Chase 10k Thursday morning...and as has become the norm, she crushed it, winning her age group and placing 7th overall. She also came close to breaking 40 minutes! Only 11 more seconds to go and she's there. On a faster course she would have crushed it!

Onto Saturday...the whole family went and my daughters ran the fun run with my wife. My 5 year old gets a total kick out of racing and my 7 year old would much rather be in bed or watching cartoons... The race was in a local state park and it was flippin' hilly! Ugh. I was hoping to run a 6:45 pace, but after mile one, I knew that wasn't happening. Everyone else we run with was running the 10 miler so it was tempting to double up, but I decided I would see what I could do with the 5 miler and hope that I could bang out my goal time. Well, the course was tougher than I expected (at least for my current level of fitness), but I managed a 34:32ish (no start mat so just gun time and that's what my Garmin said :) ). About a 6:52 pace so fairly close to what I was hoping for. I think it's a good kick in the rear for me to get back at it and start working on things for the spring. Oh yeah...on a related note, I've been training with a heart rate monitor and raced with it Saturday. Definitely is taking some getting used to, but hoping this will help lead to big improvements!

Post race, we hit the car and loaded a back pack up with reGen and headed back to the finish to watch all of our crew roll in. By the end, we must have given out 5 or 6 cases of reGen! The word is definitely spreading!

Oh yeah..."star sighting" - Desiree Ficker ran the race (she grew up in my area) and easily won the women's 10 mile race. She made it look easy!

Thursday is a big day...Day 1 of Eagleman 70.3 prep. If all goes as planned, I will CRUSH my time of 5:41 from last year. Can.Not.Wait!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back to the grind!

Well after taking off WAY too much time after the Chicago Marathon, I am back in the swing of things. Hell, I even ran TWO days in a row. That must be some kind of record for me. So I've decided to do some small races to keep the motivation somewhat high(ish). A little 5 miler is on tap for Saturday - The Turkey Burnoff! And then a half marathon in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on December 10. The goal for the five miler is to try and maintain a 7 min pace and the half, maybe...MAYBE be close to a PR (1:33). Not holding my breath there, but if the wind is low, it should be a fast course.

Unfortunately, haven't ridden or swam in quite some time, but that should start ramping up in a couple weeks.

"When you want it as bad as you want to BREATHE, THEN you can be successful"

Dream Big! (<---courtesy of Mile Posts)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slacking on all fronts!

Well, since Chicago, I have let myself go to complete crap. This is totally my M.O. EVERY.DAMN.TIME. I have got to stop doing this to myself. Hell, I don't even need to be doing anything crazy! Just get out there and get the blood flowing. I made great strides this year so to let myself fall into bad habits immediately after my big race, is just BS. I've got a half marathon scheduled in December so I better get my butt in gear. And which is also one of my M.O.'s, I will absolutely be shooting for a PR. Each passing day makes this less and less realistic so no better day than today to get rolling. Let's shoot for 4....mmmmk?

On cooler/funner news, we are heading to NYC Saturday morning for the ING NYC Marathon. I will just be a fan rooting on my wife and a couple friends. It should be a good time and hopefully will help stoke the fires again.

Any motivation suggestions? I have some big goals for 2012 and the work needs to begin NOW!